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Promotional and advertising strategies - Research Paper Example

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The study is focused on the analysis of the promotional and advertising strategies of various leading brands of global sports apparel business sector. Promotional strategy generally influences two-way communication within consumers and marketers to increase sales as well as to…
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Promotional and advertising strategies
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Download file to see previous pages The further discussion will illustrate different recommendations for the organizations in terms of utilizing marketing information to different themselves within the marketplace. The study will also discuss the use of consumer-oriented promotion methods for the sports apparel industry along with the pricing decisions used by leading organizations. Finally, it will also discuss the most effective advertising methods and mediums for the organizations of sports apparel sector.
The compare and contrast analysis of Nike and Adidas will emphasize on the similarities as well as different approaches of the organisations in terms of promotional procedure. Nike is an American retail brand which deals in manufacturing and marketing sports apparel and accessories. The organization has established their business in 1971 and they are headquartered in Oregon, USA. They possess near about 1600 retail stores across major cities of the world (Nike Inc. 2014). Adidas is a German multinational sportswear retail company which is headquartered in Bavaria, Germany. The organisation was founded and established in 1949 and it currently possesses almost 1746 concept stores (Cullers, 2013).
The organization prefers to use informational appeal by the celebrity endorsement. Nike has hired a number of athletes, such as well known soccer players and famous basket ball players, to promote their brand to the potential consumers worldwide.
Strong brand promotion through powerful slogan and distinctive logo has been also a pull promotional strategy of the organization. “Just do it” can be considered as one of their convincing slogans while their “swooch” logo creates a powerful impact to pull the potential consumers.
Adidas also highly focuses on celebrity endorsement in terms of promoting their marketing activities. In comparison to Nike, Adidas prefer to promote their product marketing through athlete as well as movie ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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