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This essay describes converting most of the teaching to online courses has several supporting advantages, some of which include the fact that for the increasing job opportunities, there is a requirement for an overwhelming increase in the number of graduates…
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Convert most of the Universitys Undergraduate Teaching to Online Courses
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Convert most of the University’s Undergraduate Teaching to Online Courses
Just like the world and everything else is getting digitized, the levels of technological advancement give ample room for our Universities to convert most of their undergraduate teaching to online courses. As the young generation, we need to spur the world with the most innovative minds. We can only manage this goal when we go the online way. Converting most of the teaching to online courses has several supporting advantages, some of which include the fact that for the increasing job opportunities, there is a requirement for an overwhelming increase in the number of graduates. The other reasons are such that, an online program is cheaper, and it also allows most people to achieve their education with their preferred universities without having to attend the universities physically.
There has been a crisis in the job market where some industries lack enough trained personnel to fill the required deficit. Some of these industries or sectors include the medical industry as well as other technical fields that require thoroughly trained specialists. One of the reasons why these sectors do not have adequately trained personnel could be because such disciplines require more facilities per students to train. According to the law of demand and supply, when there are few trained specialists, there is a high demand for them in the market. Hence, there is a need to add more trained personnel to meet this growing demand. To be able to increase training of these required personnel, the online study methods are the most appropriate. With online study program, many students can enroll and be taught at the same time without occupying any physical space.
The second reason for converting undergraduate programs to online courses is because of it affordability. Given the fact that there will be no physical space occupied, meaning, less and fewer resources will be used in teaching. This clearly shows that many people will be able to afford the online courses offered through the online study method as the courses will be cheaper than the usual prices. This will translate into higher many people being trained. When many people are trained, the rate of innovation will definitely increase since and the country will have its economic development levels increase. When there are many trained personnel, there will also be adequate human resources for the country to stir up its economy. Usually, the higher the number of untrained citizens in a country, the poorer the country becomes since the unemployment rate increases.
Thirdly, by converting most undergraduate teaching into online courses, it will make better quality education become affordable and accessible to almost everyone. This will be facilitated by the fact that, studying online does not require physical appearance at a particular university. Therefore, a university usually increases their online program capacity as the program can contain a higher amount of students at ago. This will means that, those who could have wished to study at some unique universities with few chances and missed the chances due to the limited physical capacity of that institution can now access the University through an online platform. From the economic point of view, the opportunity cost of studying at a local university will be to study at an international university of choice. The program is flexible and can easily allow one to study from any country and also study as they work at the same time.
In a nutshell, it is a noble idea for universities to adopt the online study program for mot f their courses to increase access. Also, it is important for the student to take full advantage of the online study program so that they can have adequate time for their professional development as well as increase their innovation capacity. Hence, universities should convert most of their undergraduate teachings into online courses. Read More
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