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Strategy and competitive advantages of Easyjet 05191 - Essay Example

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Business strategy indicates a set of techniques and conceptual frameworks of business through applying which a business organization aspires to achieve its long term objectives. Business strategy is a part of strategic planning process, formulated by the top management of the…
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Strategy and competitive advantages of Easyjet 05191
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Download file to see previous pages Success of business depends upon efficient implementation of the incorporated strategies (Kourdi, 2010). Therefore, the management is required to monitor and review the implementation process over a certain time interval to analyse the strategic gap and should take immediate action for rectifying the situation. This is important because fail of strategy implementation process causes the organization to encounter huge loss (Hitt, 2009). In this paper, the business strategies and competitive advantage of easyJet Airline Company Limited, a low cost carrier based out of London will be analysed in details.
Initially, the business model and competitive factor of low cost carriers such as easyJet plc was based only on price consideration. In subsequent period, when easyJet plc understood that driving business on the basis of a single competitive strategy can prove to be risky for long term, the company emphasised on developing strategies with the objective of ensuring robustness of business in the competitive UK airlines industry (Belobaba, Odoni and Barnhart, 2009).
Business strategies of easyJet plc concentrate on various other areas of business apart from price leadership such as merchandising, improving customer services, application of best and latest technologies etc. easyJet plc also concentrates on multi channel strategies in order to increase strategic partnership for expanding business through penetrating into new markets and acquiring those technologies and services that are inadequate in the company(International Transport Forum, 2014). In the next segment, strategic changes of easyJet plc will be evaluated through Kotter’s model of strategic change.
On the basis of systematic study of hundreds of organizations, their strategic planning process and capability of bringing changes in the existing strategies, Dr. Kotter has developed strategic change model, following which a company can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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