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Further, the design_thinking process focuses on including the values of incorporating all aspects and qualities needed to innovatively display creative products/services or improvements of current products/activities to enhance human activity (Brown 4). The process includes…
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Harvard Business Review
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May 20, Harvard_Business_Review 1A: Design thinking Qualities Checklist (Brown Design_thinking process is based on hard work determining the target community’s current needs or wants.
( ) New technology-based designs fill the current needs/wants of the prospective users.
( ) Design_activities blend art, achieve business & profitability targets.
( ) Design_activities incorporate scientific research and customer preferences in designing new products/services.
1B: Aspects of Design thinking (Brown 1):
( ) Finding user needs/demands.
( ) Research for new products/services that fill the users’ needs/wants.
( ) Development of new products/services that fill the target communities’ needs & wants.
( ) Advertise the benefits of the new products/services.
( ) Generate product feedbacks from current and future users.
( ) Generate product feedbacks from other society sectors.
( ) Use feedbacks as basis for improving the benefits or uses of the prevailing and new products/services.
Further, the design_thinking process focuses on including the values of incorporating all aspects and qualities needed to innovatively display creative products/services or improvements of current products/activities to enhance human activity (Brown 4). The process includes space-based churning out innovatively creative products/services to enhance the user’s life quality. For example, Edison’s invention of the light bulb improved the individuals’ daily life by allowing people to work, play, buy groceries, and travel at night. People use lights (Brown 1).
Furthermore, the Harvard_Business Review entity published the article to enhance current_business knowledge (Brown 1). The article places importance on the design thinking’s many benefits. The article indicates new products/services should fill the current and future business customers’ needs/ wants. The article affirms filling customer’s needs should be the basis for future business managers’ design_thinking decisions.
Works Cited
Brown, Tim. "Design Thinking." Harvard Business Review June.1 (2008): 1 - 9. Print. Read More
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Harvard Business Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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