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Chinas Economic Policies - Coursework Example

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This paper discusses China’s economic policies. East Asia is a continent with the most successful regional economies in the world. The region that consists of China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore has integrated numerous local policies…
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Chinas Economic Policies
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Download file to see previous pages According to global investors, China provides the most profitable investment opportunity compared to other East Asian countries. China not only has a high population, extensively broad geographical coverage and highly industrious, but it also has implemented numerous government policies towards attracting foreign investment. The Chinese government has created 5-year strategic plans that depict the creation of new industries that will be financed through government subsidies and grants (Wong and Wei, 2007). The industries are aimed at improving sectors such as infrastructure, information technology, biotechnology, automotive and energy. The local Chinese governments have provided the necessary support to facilitate sector development in their region. The local governments provide subsidies to finance the acquisition of foreign technologies as well as financial innovation and inventions within China.
Currently, the Chinese five-year national development plans postulate that the economy of China will grow sporadically and hit double Gross domestic product, as well as transition its sectors from agriculture into manufacturing and service industry. Additionally, the plan also seeks in environmental sustainability and management as well as the improvement of social-political balance. The Chinese leaders have also pushed for sub-division of the five-year plan into sustainable short term plans aimed at promoting equitable regional development in particular between urban and rural areas as well as across all geographical regions. These short projects promote a fair balance between social aspects, human relations, trade, relations, natural resources and conservation of the environment by reducing pollution (Wong and Wei, 2007).
For China to achieve long-term goals, China has implemented the following policies. First, China has strengthened its macroeconomic stabilization policies aimed at providing favorable investment opportunities by local and international investors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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