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The move by Mao to develop communist relations of production after the Great Leap Forward (GLF), as opposed to factoring in the forces of production has been indicated to be the major cause of the slow development in China at the time (Riskin 163-164). As seen in the research…
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Economies of Asia
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Download file to see previous pages However, it is clear that the policies were not well thought since by 1959 the communes could not succeed in meeting the demands of the policies (Riskin 117-133).The commune leaders on the other hand could not push its subjects towards achieving the set goals, and some would even be charged for the same.
It is evident that the factors of production were not factored in by Mao since the machines produced were not of good quality. Riskin explains how the farm machinery produced were completely destroyed while being used in the farms (117-133). This means that the food produced could not be harvested even with China presenting a perfect environment for agricultural practices. The policies can, therefore, be said to have put more focus on quantity as opposed to quality productions. Riskin explains how the policies could not deal with drought issues on some parts of the country and floods on the other (117-133). Even with high produce from the farms, Riskin explains how starvation occurred in different places in the country, to the extent that the government had to measure food for its citizens (42, 77, 136).
In the industrial sector the same issue of not focusing on factors of production was imminent. As seen in the work of Riskin, the backyard furnaces were seen to consume huge amounts of coal (125-126). Since China’s railway system was heavy reliant on coal at the time, the coal driven train suffered a great deal since they did not have enough energy that would be useful for transport form place to place (Riskin 127, 195).
Also, it is key to know that the in as much the production of steel was high prior to 1958, the products were of very low quality (Riskin 125-126). A good example is that of the home made utensils such as pots and pans that were made of the lowest quality steel and could not even be recognizable (Riskin 273, 279). It is true that the steel was produced but was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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