Organizational Leadership: Leadrship and Change and Team Working - Coursework Example

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The author states that the aim of leadership development is to bring out great leaders who will be able to perform their work as required. The author analyzes the aspects that lead to great leadership development and the challenges faced in the same area.  …
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Organizational Leadership: Leadrship and Change and Team Working
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Download file to see previous pages Leadership is an action of socially influencing people, whereby a person can help and support others to accomplish a common task. Leadership development is the ability of a person to be effective while performing their leadership roles (Veslor, McCauley & Rudeman, 2010, p.2). Leadership and leadership development, therefore, show that leading people is a task that is left for the few who have the ability to manage not only themselves but also other people. Leadership is not only nurtured but also practiced by the people who mainly specialize in it. Although leadership and leadership development sound similar, they differ in some ways. Leadership is mainly focused on a person’s character and skills that the person has, whereas leadership development is focused on teaching a person the key concepts that revolve around leadership and encouraging them to practice it.
Leadership principles in leadership development, help in governing people and organizations for stability and great achievement. The first principle is, Managing vulnerability (Avolio 2011, p.151) but leaders fear to discuss their vulnerabilities. Individual strengths and weakness are understood by personally learning about oneself to know where one is vulnerable, so as to avoid mistakes. The second principles are, Identification Organizations must review their leadership development needs, and by doing so, the organizations can identify leadership gaps that are present amongst them and the need for improvement. This practice helps organizations to improve their status by amending the areas that require attention and strengthening themselves to remain relevant and remain competitive. This is done by coaching leaders in top positions to enhance and strengthen their leadership development skills. Leadership development is enhanced through learning not only theoretically but also practically outside a classroom. Leaders should also put themselves in situations that other people go through so that they can appreciate how people feel and react under a certain leadership (Avolio 2011, p.165).   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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