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HR Factors that Affect Quality of Customer Service in the Banking Industry in the UAE (National Bank of Abu Dhabi) part 2 - Essay Example

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The goal of the banks aimed at getting customer satisfaction has become more important as a strategy for the bank to retain the customers after the…
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HR Factors that Affect Quality of Customer Service in the Banking Industry in the UAE (National Bank of Abu Dhabi) part 2
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"HR Factors that Affect Quality of Customer Service in the Banking Industry in the UAE (National Bank of Abu Dhabi) part 2"

Download file to see previous pages This factor become and acts as a challenge for the businesses which gives customer satisfaction a lot of emphasis. There have been different studies in the past that has aimed at studying the minds of the customers however still date the minds of the customers has remained a mystery. In the present study the aim to study the customer satisfaction of the customers of the banks of United Arab Emirates. In particular the study focuses on the customer satisfaction of the customers of national bank of Abu Dhabi. In analyzing the factors behind the customer satisfaction and the quality of customer service provided by the employees of the bank the role of human resource in particular is identified. The study is aimed at studying if the human resource factors at all determine the quality of service provided by the employees of the bank to the customers. In order to understand the function of hr in ensuring that the quality of customer service is upheld the research focuses to study the matter both on the qualitative and quantitative lines. As process of trying to find the impact the research first tries to find out the view of different researchers regarding the issue. After doing the literature review in order to analyze the view point of different researchers on the matter the next step that has been taken to carry the research forward is to analyze the primary data that is collected through survey of the customers to understand whether the customers are satisfied with the quality of the customer service provided by the banks. After analysis of the customer service that the bank provides to the customers of the bank the factors of the human resource and the effect that human resource has on the quality of service that the employees of the bank provides to the customers of the bank. As per the research it is found out that the lack ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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