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Operations management-report - Essay Example

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The major aim of the discussion was to analyse the extent to which Nissan has achieved alignment between its performance objectives and configuration of its operational processes in the context of its product named Nissan Qashqai that is manufactured at Sunderland, UK. In this…
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Operations management-report
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, key focus is on managing people in an effective manner where skill sets are analysed and accordingly responsibilities are offered in a systematic and planned manner. It was also found that Just in Time concept has helped the organisation in eliminating chances of huge wastage along with responding to the changes in the business and social environment. Overall, it was concluded that Total Quality Management (TQM is also practiced by the organisation helping in maintaining high quality standards. All these initiatives have helped the company to strengthen its operational framework along with being successful.
Slack, et al (2010) stated that operations management is concerned with designing, controlling, and overseeing production processes along with redesigning business processes for better production of goods and services. Hill and Hill (2011) added that operations management ensures that business operations are efficient enough to use little but impactful and robust resources exceeding customers’ expectations in a meaningful manner. Simon (2010) added that operations management is concerned with the conversion of inputs in the form of raw material and energy into the output offering value and benefits to a number of customers. Slack, et al (2010) further added that operations management has a close relationship with business operations and the success of the later can only define the success of the former. In this regard, it is important to analyse the business operations and processes in a critical manner.
Heizer and Render (2010) added that the senior management needs to develop business strategies and line officers need to take tactical decisions in order to make business operations successful. Simon (2010) stated that the success of operations management is dependent on formulating robust business objectives along with aligning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Operations Management-Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 Words.
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