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The right to privacy for self and business - Research Paper Example

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Privacy in this context refer to individuals or groups ability to alienate themselves or information about concerning them besides there selective expression. Sharp (Para 3) argues that an individual’s information should be protected from the scrutiny of the public. This right…
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The right to privacy for self and business
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Download file to see previous pages The privacy rights are usually balance by the interests of the nation or state so that the regulations are consistent (especially in the promotion of safety of the public, as well as the improvement of the quality of life (Ribstein Para 4). The context and boundary of what is perceived private depend on individuals though common themes tend to be shared across the board. Suppose something or an issue is perceived private to an individual or a group then that issue or something is inherently sensitive or special to them. In the United States, privacy laws encompass numerous varieties of legal concepts. One of these concepts is the privacy invasion (Roger and Gaylord 103). A tort in reference to the common laws provide the platform for which the party that is aggrieved to file a lawsuit against a person or individuals who intrude affairs considered private by disclosure of information deemed private. In addition, it provides protection for individual’s private information and public falsification. However, the public figures usually have less privacy. The laws pertaining, privacy rights advocates for individuals to be left alone. However, it exempts matter or issues that are deemed personal or those activities that tend to generate the interest of the public. An example is the case of celebrities. The invasion of privacy rights provides the ground for lawsuit against individuals or groups violating or infringing the right. Moreover, the fourth amendment stipulates the right to protection from search that is unwarranted while the first advocates for the assembly freedom. The Supreme Court is mandated with the responsibility of protecting privacy rights within the US.
Various amendments to the constitution of the US have been employed in the numerous ranges of success in the determination of rights to autonomy of individuals. The first or initial amendment provides protection of privacy ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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