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The people of France have shown an interest in eating healthy. The research conducted in six cities in France shows that 64 % of the population would be willing to purchase it. This is a substantial percentage…
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United Cereal Case study
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United Cereal: Lora Brills Eurobrand Challenge Task Q1 I would ize the launch of Health Berry Crunch in France. The people of France have shown an interest in eating healthy. The research conducted in six cities in France shows that 64 % of the population would be willing to purchase it. This is a substantial percentage considering that this is a new product. Furthermore, there is not much competition in France. There is only one product like HBC that has been in the market for the last four years. Establishing the product in France would also lead to a decrease 10-15% of the total production of the whole of Europe (Barlett and Carole 2011).
The Launch of Eurobrand would lead to the loss of United Cereals priority; these are the customers (Barlett and Carole 2011). However, this will mean a drop in production and marketing cost by 10-15% in 3 years. As the United Cereals are the first to introduce such an idea, it will guarantee them a substantial market penetration (Barlett and Carole 2011). My concern is that the panel will not represent all the views of the diverse European market. This would be rectified by changing the organizational structure that exists within the United Cereals. It should be more flexible. Lora should authorize the launch of Health Berry Crunch as a Eurobrand as there are far more advantages than disadvantages.
The recommendations could be implemented by trying to get the support of the United Cereals’ management. The management should be comfortable with the Eurobrand Team. They should not be in a position that they feel their authority is challenged. Eurobrand Teams will provide a platform for United Cereals to grow. Based on the proposal its formation would reduce the cost of production while increasing profitability.
Bartlett, Christopher A., and Carole Carlson. "United Cereal: Lora Brills Eurobrand
Challenge." Harvard Business School Brief Case 114-269, March 2011. Read More
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