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Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation Assessment - Essay Example

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Technology plays a critical role in connecting people and business. In fact, many entrepreneurial ideas with the potential of growing are based on ideas that use technology to add value in service delivery or production of goods…
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Entrepreneurship and Venture Creation Assessment
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Download file to see previous pages The business idea is to develop a business that connects buyers and sellers of any product, from clothing, kitchenware, electronic, cars, household items, and any other items that have market value. The idea aims to capitalise of individuals who have used items and hopes to make quick cash out of the sale. Unlike existing ideas that champions the capability of the seller has to meet the potential buyer, this idea will ensure both option of the two meeting or the seller decides to use the organisation’s sale representative to do the transaction on their behalf.
The use of technology has made it possible to make online transactions. People can make secure purchase of items by just keying the details of their credit cards and select the mode of delivery and the destination to receive what they have purchased. The model will utilise these technological provisions to connect buyers and sellers of different items from different geographical locations. Other than making use of technology for efficient implementation of the model, the main source of this motivation is the strong marketing strategy, which will enable the idea get the wide coverage (Cromie, 2000). Besides, the realisation that most homes have used items that other people may find useful at a reduced pricing is the motivation guiding these ideas.
In every household, there are items ranging from clothing to other assets that the owner can generate some quick cash by selling them using a platform that will not cost them lots of money. These ideas are realistic because the less fortunate community values second hand goods. For instance, charity organisations and other humanitarian organisations may wish to purchase less expensive goods but find it difficult to outsource for such items. The example given above is not the main source of the customers, but just a perspective to illustrate how realistic nature of the model. The main customer targeted by this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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