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Dubai is much taunted as a global business destination, but that notion will cease to apply the moment a foreigner decided to set business in that environment. The Emirati authorities have laid down stringent rules and regulation that make it extremely difficult to set up…
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Dubai and world Disney
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DUBAI AND WORLD DISNEY Dubai is much taunted as a global business destination, but that notion will cease to apply the moment a foreigner decided to set business in that environment. The Emirati authorities have laid down stringent rules and regulation that make it extremely difficult to set up business in the country. Waltz Disney is no exception to this reality since numerous challenges stand in its way as it seeks to open a business in this cosmopolitan nation. To begin with any foreign company that seeks to operate in Dubai is only allowed to own forty-nine percent of the stakes in the firm with the rest being owned by a local or rather an Emirati. In the event, that an organization finds that order to be stringent then it has to resort to free economic zones where that ownership regulation does not apply (Noack, 2014).
However, operating from the free economic zones limits a firm a lot of opportunities since most of the operation will be meant for export and not for sale in the Dubai market. A company like Disney will find it challenging to adhere to such regulation since by deciding to set business in Dubai its main intention will be to lure the Dubai consumers into buying its services. Waltz Disney is an international organization with structured owners thus being limited to 49% ownership means the firm has to source a local partner to engage in the business an exercise that is even more difficult. That notwithstanding, the work etiquette that is in place in Dubai is based on Islamic traditions; thus, foreigners who are non-Muslims have to learn these set of protocols for them to be able to conduct business transactions efficiently (Noack, 2014).
Conversely, Dubai is currently being ranked as the most preferred business destination globally. Thus, firms from all over the world have set up business in this country making competition be very stiff; for instance, currently there are numerous theme parks that are in place in Dubai i.e. Dubai land and others while a lot more projects for similar businesses are on-going. It does present a tricky situation for Waltz Disney that is aiming to showcase its services to the Arab customers but the stringent rules and stiff competition are discouraging efforts to venture into this market (Noack, 2014). The process of establishing a foreign company is Dubai involves a number of steps whereby various government agencies have to be consulted before confirmation is obtained. To begin with the Waltz Disney will be required to research its business name and apply for registration in the department of economics and development. The next step involves notarizing the firm’s Memorandum of Association at the Notary. The organization will have to apply for an establishment card and register its native employees at the Ministry of labor. The final phase involves registering the native workers for social security and pension schemes at the General authority for the social plan and pension.
Since these are the regulations that Dubai has implemented to control the manner in which business is conducted in the nation Waltz Disney cannot do much to alter them. All that I can recommend is for the company to source for a local partner launch its services in the Dubai market as it would be less effective to operate from the free economic zones. Finally, just like any other robust market Dubai is the center of business in the Middle East thus it is expected to attract many business players which in turn result in increased competition. Waltz Disney should differentiate its services in a manner that makes them stand out from the rest in order for it to gain a competitive advantage (Noack, 2014).
Noack, Sascha. Business Guide: Doing Business in Dubai & the United Arab Emirates: Start Your Business Now!. BoD–Books on Demand, 2014. Read More
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Dubai and World Disney Thesis Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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