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It provides for the data dispensation, testing and designing of the outcomes (Vogt, 2006). Hence, for our research we decided to use questionnaires that were presented to all the sales consultants selected…
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INSTRUMENTATION Affiliation INSTRUMENTATION Instruments are the devices that are used in the measurement under study. It provides for the data dispensation, testing and designing of the outcomes (Vogt, 2006). Hence, for our research we decided to use questionnaires that were presented to all the sales consultants selected and the managers. Since the sample size was relatively high, the criterion proved to be more appropriate both in cost and effectiveness. And to make our research more predictive, we had predictive devices that help us to find out other unrestricted responses that the participants were not willing to provide to us.
For purposes of accuracy, we carried out reliability and validity tests on our results. Validity is where an instrument performs and provides measurement as per the expectation while reliability is where a tool provides for consistency when used in different capacities (Christensen, Johnson & Turner, 2011). For internal validity, we made sure that the sample size was representative, and a test-retest study done by recording the data on data sales and on how leadership styles affected leadership potentials. Generalizations methods used were statistical methods such as correlation to see if cause and relationship existed. On the other hand, reliability was also ensured. The questionnaire was made into two parts where one was done online, and the other presented on a personal basis. These enable us to determine the consistency of the data that ensured that our research was adequate.
For the research to determine the causal relationship validity was quite necessary. Since our data was to be used to make generalizations, the research findings must be compared to some base so that accurate conclusions can be found (Vogt, 2006). For instance, the consultant’s sales data needs to be compared to the market effectiveness while the leadership styles are compared to leadership potentials of any business hence prompted the use of validity.
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