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Healthy Fast Food Chain - Dissertation Example

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The research work "Healthy Fast Food Chain" is based on the identification of brand development strategy of a healthy fast food chain. The key determining elements which are studied in this research work are the marketing trends and the consumer behavior…
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Healthy Fast Food Chain
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Download file to see previous pages The answer to this question lies in the correct identification of the consumer behaviors along with their existing and future preferences along with the changing trends in the market. The consumer behavior is the concept refers to dealing with the demand for the consumption of any product or services. In other words, the consumer behavior is the patterns that individuals follow while making purchase decisions. The study of behaviors is also referred to as the social science, which plays one of the most important but complicated roles in designing the business strategy or developing a brand. The reason is that the behaviors of individuals are seasonal. Moreover, the behaviors can change at any point in time depending on the circumstances. This implies that for a successful business start-up and identification of most suitable business strategy, reading the minds of the target market or expected consumers is important. The phenomenon of dealing with the complications of consumer behavior is important in almost all kinds of business. The importance is even higher in case of the food business. The research work is based on the identification of brand development strategy of a healthy fast food chain. The key determining elements which are studied in this research work for the establishment of the fast food brand are the marketing trends and the consumer behavior.
“To identify the most successful branding strategy that can help the new entrants in the fast food business to establish healthy fast food chain. Moreover, the research work also served the purpose of guiding the entrepreneurs regarding how to identify the marketing and consumer behaviors along with the strategies of dealing with these complications “ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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