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Factors That Drove Rolls Royce to Choose Singapore as Its Manufacturing Location - Case Study Example

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The author will be reviewing the case of Rolls Royce strategy to choose Singapore as its manufacturing location. This study is inspired by an article published in the Financial Times written by Grant (2014) titled “Aerospace manufacturers head to Singapore innovation hub.”…
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Factors That Drove Rolls Royce to Choose Singapore as Its Manufacturing Location
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Extract of sample "Factors That Drove Rolls Royce to Choose Singapore as Its Manufacturing Location"

Download file to see previous pages An effective supply chain management is one of the most important ingredients of operational efficiency. Supply chain management plans are regarded as the moral fiber of organizational success (Gunasekaran, Patel and Tirtiroglu, 2001). This is precise because effective supply chain management strategy increases market coverage, improves product placement and reduces the cost of sales by a considerable margin. Ensuring all the aforementioned factors allow companies to increase their profit margin by a significant margin. Effective supply chain management also enables companies to cater to the increasing and incessantly changing demands of customers and therefore is considered as a fundamental element of client relationship tactic (Christopher, 2012). It allows managers to make sure that products are being delivered to customers at the right time, place and quantity. They always seek the opportunity to expand their business to those companies that offer them with a cheaper source of labor and raw materials in order to decrease their raw materials (Prater, Biehl and Smith, 2001). In addition, their move to expand into a different country is also driven by their urge to cover a greater market (Gunasekaran, Patel and McGaughey, 2004).
Rolls Royce’s decision to shift its manufacturing division to Singapore was driven by a number of reasons associated with the requirement to bring down the cost of sales, increase operational and supply chain frequency and meet the growing demand of its customer base. First of all the corporate tax rate is considerably lower in Singapore (17%) (Grant, 2014) when compared to the rate that is charged in the UK (21%) (Crown copyright, 2015). Therefore a drastically decreasing corporate tax rate will allow Rolls Royce managers to increase their profit margin equivalently. The government in Singapore has enacted this relaxed legislation in order to attract investments from foreign companies, particularly in the aerospace sector. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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