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In case the issue that they are raising is not well addressed by the company, they are likely to look for substitutes in the market (Shaw, 2011). However, complains means that there is a…
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Customer Care
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Care al Affiliation: Care s complain because they are not satisfied with the company’s products or service. In case the issue that they are raising is not well addressed by the company, they are likely to look for substitutes in the market (Shaw, 2011). However, complains means that there is a gap in the market which can be filled by a new product or service. This acts as an opportunity for the company to introduce a new product or service, an aspect that would increase the overall revenue by the business.
Customers’ complaints might be an indication that there is a change in their tastes and preferences of the target market. This is an opportunity for the business to introduce new changes in order to retain its competitive in the market (Shaw, 2011). In case the company was not the leading firm in the market, it can take this as an opportunity to make the first changes, an aspect that would attract the loyalty of the customers towards its products or services. Therefore, it can gain a competitive edge in the market by introducing new changes that aim at satisfying the needs of the target market.
Complaints by the customers create an opportunity for the business to initiate a research on how to satisfy the interests of the target market. This is through coming up with innovative ideas which are recent (Shaw, 2011). Many of the companies have identified new avenues of improving the business performance while trying to look for ways to address the complaints made by the customers. Therefore, customer complaints can act as a turning point for the business.
Shaw, J. G. (2011). Triple Customer Complaints: Boost Profits by Capturing the Customers Point of View. New York: Read More
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