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Improving Market Dominance for Samsung Android Phones - Assignment Example

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This research investigates universal features that customers of Samsung Android phones would like improved or added to the devices. It majors on security features, the durability of batteries, and or general speed of the android phones since they are the areas that have received many complaints. …
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Improving Market Dominance for Samsung Android Phones
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Download file to see previous pages Samsung dealers will be requested to provide details of the customers who bought Samsung Android phones between January 2014 and March 2015 to the nearest Samsung customer care centers. From each center, a sampling frame of all the customers who purchased their phones between March 2014 and March 2015 will be prepared. From this list, a sample of 500 respondents from each center will be selected by random sampling. Customers will then be requested to come to the customer care centers on a chosen date to be administered with questionnaires. Those who will not be able to turn up will be indirectly interviewed on the phone by independent people.
Collected data will be analyzed with the help of application software SPSS and result displayed on Graphs and Charts to simplify the analysis and interpretation process. ANOVA will be the preferred statistical test in the research.
When the hypotheses test is negative, then the company will have to implement the recommendation of the research to strengthen their hold on the market. A positive test would mean there is no relationship between the variable there some other variable should be investigated not the ones discussed here. The qualitative methods that will be used are a little but mostly quantitative. A little of ethnographic or quasi-experiment maybe embraced to compare phenomenon.
The insights developed from the report will be recommended to the board of directors through the presentation to persuade them to implement the findings and even initiate more research on the related areas. Once the hypotheses test negative, then it will be so easy to convince them.
This whole process of research will not take too long since most of the required information is in the database. It is only a matter of retrieving the information.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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