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The paper "Importance of Establishment of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg" describes that Facebook is a rich source of information for America related to people all over the world, their opinions, preferences, political and religious views and opinions, and practices…
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Importance of Establishment of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg
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Case 2
When an entrepreneur starts a company and helps it have a global impact, this has a huge addition of value to the nation of the entrepreneur. An example of it is establishment of Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg has created value for America by becoming 11th on the list of 400 richest Americans in 2014 (Anderson, 2014). He has not contributed to the sustenance of America’s image as a country that boasts some of the richest people in the world, but has also added value in terms of drawing in money from all over the world into America. Hundreds of thousands of people that use Facebook as a commercial forum pay a portion of their revenues to Mark Zuckerberg for providing them with this medium, and the money comes to America. Mark Zuckerberg has also added value to America strategically with Facebook. Being a social networking site, on which a profile is a must-have for every individual participating in and endorsing the progressive modern culture, Facebook is a rich source of information for America related to people all over the world, their opinions, preferences, political and religious views and opinions, and practices. This information is of huge significance to the giant corporations and political entities in America as it helps them do strategic planning in a way that they can draw maximal benefit. Facebook has been used as a medium for political campaigning, determining public opinion in voting, and to get consumers’ reviews on innovative advances in products. The efficiency and cost-effectiveness thus brought about adds value to America.
Anderson, M. (2014, Sep. 30). Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth grew US$15B since
last year’s Forbes richest Americans list came out. Financial Post. Retrieved from Read More
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