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Family Heritage Fund - Term Paper Example

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In the paper, the first investment philosophy has been elaborated. It is followed by the overall strategic direction. Before the conclusion part, a comparison with three funds has been provided so as to evaluate the performance of the Family Heritage fund.  …
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Family Heritage Fund
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Download file to see previous pages The fund has largely been successful in implementing a vibrant and effective investment strategy. This strategy is based on the foundations of strong investment philosophy in which capital appreciation; conducive work environment and investment return are three founding pillars.
The investment philosophy is about approach towards risk tolerance (Garman and Forgue, 2012). The investment philosophy is about temperament (Mauboussin, 2013) and is a set of principles for investment activities (Singer and Fedorinchik, 2010). And the best investment philosophy is generated through understanding personal mistakes (Miles, 2004). The family Heritage’s investment philosophy can be categorized into three broad categories: workforce, shareholders or investors and financial planning (Villolonga, 2007). For the workforce, the fund prefers to implement and provide a strong and stable workplace with the aim of reducing or controlling labor turnover besides enabling them to become more and more productive (Villolonga, 2007). At the same time, the fund has also put in place stable and strong policy towards shareholders and investors; in this strategy, the fund attempts to satisfy their expectations by having lower debt levels besides emphasizing on lucrative and persistent return on the shareholders’ investment along with higher reinvestment focus for generating stable and vibrant growth in coming years (Villolonga, 2007). Also, for the financial planning, the fund has focused on the use of capital appreciation model through serving the long term objectives of investors and shareholders by aligning the interests of family-controlled entities (Villolonga, 2007).
The fund has put in place strong investment philosophy and financial strategy for obtaining the objectives of the fund. This diversification strategy looks successful reaping more returns than the expected. For example, the biggest advantage of this diversified strategy is that it allows the fund to control and minimize the risk of generating less attractive returns.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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