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In an argument by Gad the society shares different perceptions on what they perceive right or wrong (65). For this reason, different communities have different moral and ethical codes. The differences are…
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Challenge Of Cultural Relativism
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Cultural Relativism There are numerous cultural differences in different social affiliations. In an argument by Gad the society shares different perceptions on what they perceive right or wrong (65). For this reason, different communities have different moral and ethical codes. The differences are also viewed from different perspectives by different people. A person’s view on what’s right or wrong may differ from another’s person perspective. This perception in normally influenced by a person’s social or cultural affiliations. However, the social and cultural affiliations may not dictate the internal perception of a person. Consequently, the principles or moral relativism are inconsistent in providing the individual and society requirements in regards to respecting other communities’ ways of life.
Rachels states that “There is no objective standard that can be used to judge one society’s code as better than another’s (618). There are no moral truths that hold for all people at all times”. In this statement consistency cannot be maintained in all situations. The principle depicts that the individual perception is greater that the perception of the society. For this reason, there is no standard moral codes that can satisfy the perception requirements of every person (Gad 77). However, the society of a person is the creator of the requirements a person should abide by regardless of their internal perception. The concept of cultural relativisms only applies at the scope of an entire society but not for individuals. For this reason, Rachel’s statement does not depict a consistent way from which a moral truth can be identified. Firstly, the statement may create a probability that the society may create what may be perceived as right or wrong. On the other hand, a person’s point of view may also depict what is right or wrong.
In the statement that “It is arrogant for us to try to judge other cultures. We should always be tolerant of them” (Rachels 618), there is great inconsistency. This is based on that one society’s perception of the truth may differ from another, thus creating a rift from the two points of view. Justification of a society’s moral code must be accompanied by criticism on perceptions that may contradict the moral codes. Consequently, if a society is in disapproval of a particular behaviour, they have a duty to pass judgment on anyone practicing the behaviour. Wong is of the assumption that the differences in beliefs embraced by different societies make it necessary to judge activities based on what a particular society perceived as right or wrong (87). For instance, if a society views a religious affiliation as contradicting to their own religious beliefs, it may difficult to ignore the difference and not pass judgement.
From the argument presented, it is an accurate assertion that cultural relativism can be interpreted from different points of views. In addition, personal opinion and perception remain great determinant on the significance and relevance of cultural relativism. These factors create inconsistency on the principles that depict the requirements of cultural relativism.
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