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The article “The knowledge creating company” is worthy to community members as it entails important themes on the definition,production and utilization of knowledge. The article comprises various aspects that are supported by different authors who provide extensive…
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Academic Paper Review
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Download file to see previous pages es advance,markets shift,competitors increase,and some products and services become obsolete regularly therefore the succusseful businesses are those that develop new knowledge and disseminate it in the enterprise quickly to manufacture new products and technologies. Maybury et al. (2002) noted that those are the activities that define knowledge-creating company and their business is to ensure continuous innovation.
The author of the article sets out to achieve success in businesses through the use of knowledge to achieve the firms goals and objectives. The application of knowledge by the successful Japanese competitors for instance,Matsushita,Kao,Canon,Sharp,NEC,and Honda have made them famous for their capabability to be flexible to market changes,quick responces to customer needs,develop new markets and products and to dominte the emerging technologies. Ichijo and Nonaka (2006) stated that the secret of succeeding in business is the unique approach in the management of creating new knowledge.
The article stresses the importance of the Japanese approach that normally seem incomprehensible and odd to other businesses but are used to develop new knowledge of running successful firms. Nonaka (1991) gave an example of the slogan “Theory of Automobile Evolution” that is a design concept that led to the development of the innovative urban car ,Honda City. The purpose of the article is to explain the focus of the Japanese approach that depends entirely on tapping the tacit and subjective intuitions,hunches of the employees,insights and hence testing those insights and enabling the business to use them as whole. Shibata (2006) noted that the key to successful processes is the ability of the employees to be personally committed to their tasks,their sense of identity with the business and its operation.
The author in this article is seeking to present the importance of the business managers to mobilize the workers committment to their work and exemplifying implicit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Academic Paper Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 Words.
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