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Management and Organisational Behavior - Essay Example

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The author describes the employee motivation according to Herzberg's theory and Maslow’s theory, leadership models, and styles according to trait theory and transformational theory and organizational structure according to Neoclassical organizational theory and systems theory …
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Management and Organisational Behavior
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Download file to see previous pages The other motivation I got in another internship was being given token gifts and allowances even though it was a non-paying internship. The allowances were not much but they meant everything to me and were a sign of the company appreciating my work.
My current workplace where I have worked the longest motivates its employees through providing training to the best performing employees as well as having paid vacation leaves where the company provides even vacation packages for those with families which are fully paid. The employees never willingly leave the company and they have made the company excel in terms of increased profitability as well as gain a competitive advantage in the industry.
Herzberg Two factor theory explains very well about motivation and the factors that can motivate the employees. According to the theory, there are two types of factors in any organization and these are the hygienic and the motivational factors. The hygienic factors are those employees cannot do without as their lack leads to dissatisfaction and their presence motivation. They include factors such as salaries, interpersonal relations as well as good working conditions (Brooks, 2010).
The motivational factors, on the other hand, are rarely present in an organization but their presence satisfies and motivates the employees immensely. These factors are mostly ignored in many organizations but if used can bring a great difference in terms of performance increment. They include factors such as awards, recognition, and responsibility among others.
The other motivational theory is the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory. This theory has five levels which individuals have to pass before they completely become self-actualized. The completion of each of these levels is a motivation to move to the next level. These levels of needs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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