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Research has indicated that the industry is heavily laced with employees that are male and whose race is either White or Asian. There are very few…
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Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts
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Business Research Methods Affiliation: Introduction Tech start-up companies especially in the Silicon Valley where most of these tech companies are located highly lack diversity. Research has indicated that the industry is heavily laced with employees that are male and whose race is either White or Asian. There are very few women, blacks and Latinos working in these industries. Further research unveils that the few minorities working in these tech star-up industries are not in the managerial positions and this further leads to the lack of diversity when it comes to decision making in these industry. There is both qualitative and quantitative data in regards to this information as will be explained below.
The qualitative article by Snider, (2014) has almost all its information purely in narrative form with an almost non-existent statistics. There is only one incident where statistics are mentioned and the rest of the information surrounds explanation of these figures. This is very helpful in understanding about the literature surrounding the issue of lack of diversity in the tech industries. For the people who are not lovers of figures because of the need for much interpretation, this article is very helpful and actually recommended.
The article by Chemaly, (2013) is a quantitative one heavily lined with statistics regarding the lack of diversity in the tech industry. There are statistics on not only the gender, racial and ethnic diversity in employment but also that on managerial diversity as well. The statistics is also based on comparison of the industry a few years ago and the present times and any significant or lack therefore that is present. This information is very helpful in conducting further research as well as gaining an in depth understanding and growth rate comparison. It is however just too much and requires very intense interpretation which may take a lot of time.
Since both articles have very significant information, they can be combined to incorporate all the people. By combining the articles, the statistics in the quantitative article will have been explained without requiring much interpretation by the reader. The readers and researchers will have an easier task and hence save a lot of time in the new combined article. The fact that the qualitative article is a bit shallow in comparison with the quantitative one will have been masked with the additional information. Combining the articles will also increase the credibility of the qualitative article as the literature provided will be backed up by evidence in the form of statistics.
I am in the business field which means statistics thrive and make much more sense and take up less time to write up and read compared to literature. In this regards therefore, the most obvious and convenient article in my field is that by Chemaly, (2013) which has a lot of statistics instead of literature. I only require getting the statistics portrayed in the article and the interpretation will come later on.
The two articles are very informative and essentially contain the same kind of information despite one having more literature than statistics. As mentioned above, it is much more advantageous to combine the two articles in order to eliminate the weaknesses of both and increase their strengths.
Chemaly, S. (2013, October 15th). In tech world, women ignored. CNN. Retrieved from
Snider, M. (2014, November 6th). Nations capital has lessons for tech industry diversity. USA Today. Retrieved from virginia-maryland-tech-industry-diversity/18469679/ Read More
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