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International bussiness - Assignment Example

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Today, Brazil is considered as one of the world’s major emerging economies and has seen significant socio-economic changes in the recent past years. The country is mainly known for being a leading exporter in the world of minerals, steel, food products and aircrafts. This…
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International bussiness
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Download file to see previous pages Brazil has experienced massive socioeconomic transformation, and this can be dated back since the World War II. The country has seen growth from an economy that relied more on exportation of few primary products to the present day economy that is characterised by large and diversified industrial sector. The country has also transformed from a previously largely rural population to an increasingly urbanised state today. All these are clear illustrations that show the enormous strides that Brazil has taken towards its status among the fastest growing and emerging nations in the world.
Brazil has an estimated population of about 200 million people which is a rapid growth from the 17.4 million in 1900. About 87 percent of the country’s population is urbanised compared to 30 percent in 1940. After going through several decades of industrialisation, Brazil presently produces more than 35 million tonnes of steel, 3 million vehicles, 66 million tonnes of corn and 60 million tonnes of cement among others annually. Other primary goods produced in the country include refrigerators and television sets. The country has a well-developed road network covering over 1.5 million kilometres well as a widespread supply of electricity (TWB 2014).
The political system in Brazil involves the president being the supreme entity especially in matters concerning executing policies approved by the lower and upper houses. The Congress has a regulatory function towards decisions and actions taken by the executive. The two chambers (Chamber of Deputies and the Senate) have a role in creating legislation which are thereafter signed into law by the president. In matters of national economy, the Brazilian government has a pivotal role and influence in many aspects of the economy and its consequential growth. For example, the Government expenditures accounts for more than 40 percent of the country’s GDP.
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