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Project Proposal Of How CSR Improves Organisations Competitiveness though Its Interactions with HRM and Marketing - Essay Example

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The concept of corporate social responsibility requires companies to integrate both social and environmental concerns in carrying out their business…
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Project Proposal Of How CSR Improves Organisations Competitiveness though Its Interactions with HRM and Marketing
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Extract of sample "Project Proposal Of How CSR Improves Organisations Competitiveness though Its Interactions with HRM and Marketing"

Download file to see previous pages According to Amato & Amato, (2007) full implementation of the requirements of CSR I company management and business operations enhances innovative potential of the various regions of concern thereby increasing their competitiveness. Companies’ competitiveness through effective implementation of the fundamental principles of CSR can be envisioned at various levels. Castelo & Rodrigues, (2006) notice this improved competitiveness at four basic levels: the micro level, regional level, sectoral level and at the national or macro level. In regard to the topic of this proposal, increased competitiveness of companies through effective and efficient implementation of the guiding principles of CSR will be focused at the sectoral level. Effective human resources management through CSR is focused upon intersectoral improvements in terms of quality production and efficient delivery of services. This intersectoral improvement is what sets a company higher in the competition ladder compared to others in the same line of production across the globe.
The goals of sustainable development are pegged upon effective industrial and companies’ management. This move ensures effective use of production resources such as human resources and other resources used in industrial production with an aim of improving the companies’ competitiveness while using as little resources as possible. Regarding this aspect, this research aims to investigate how Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) improves organizations’ competitiveness through its interactions with HRM and Marketing.
Effective company management looks into improving performance and competitiveness of the company by improving the quality of production and service provision in all sectors of the company’s operations. Concerning this argument, Halme, Roome, & Dobers, (2009) defines sectoral level competitiveness as the performance of a given company or industry in a given region ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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