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Issues of medical waste related to business, society, and government - Essay Example

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The equipment has greatly caused a disposal challenge due to the volume. In the United States, for instance, hospitals discard more than two million tons of waste material per annum (Michelle, 2010). The…
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Issues of medical waste related to business, society, and government
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Download file to see previous pages The spread of infections is easy if medical waste is accessible in such a manner posing a threat to the society. The haphazard disposal pollutes the environment making living around dump sites uncomfortable.
The government, society and the business firms all have to work in unison to alleviate the problem of medical waste. The society is the receiver of the shortcoming of poor medical waste handling. The gases released in the atmosphere from the hospitals like sevoflurane, isoflurane and desflurane contribute to global warming (Talsma, 2009). The society is suffering from poor medical waste management. The hospitals disposing of the waste are part of the society as their business is from the sick individuals in the society. The workers in the health institutions and facilities are part of the society and need to be in a clean environment free from contamination. The three parties are affected by the waste. They have to ensure that the best waste management method in use at all cost.
Organisations always prefer maximizing their profits. The social responsibility of organisations is engrained in the business culture. If an organization is not socially responsible, the company may use any means include unethical to achieve its objectives. Profits made by hospitals can be in the allocation of partly ensuring that the waste is disposed appropriately. The appropriate disposal methods are costly as sorting and grouping of waste requires time and extra labour. Hospitals should accept to bear such cost to ensure that the environment is sustainable for the society. The social responsibility is important as it indicates the value the hospital attaches to it.
The government regulate the business through legislation. The laws the government sets are important in waste management. These laws are compulsory and not optional they thus ensure that a set standard is in maintenance. Self-regulation is important as it ensures that set ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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