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The Development of Good Performance Outcomes - Research Paper Example

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This paper is a newspaper article that will look at the importance of communication in business then conduct a reflection of the article. Good communication for business results in better overall performance. Communication in business results in proper coordination in an organization…
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The Development of Good Performance Outcomes
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Extract of sample "The Development of Good Performance Outcomes"

Download file to see previous pages Communication has the effect of producing better relationships with clients. The clients feel that they have the information that they need so as to continue using the product or services that are provided by the company. Even in cases where a company might fail to deliver what is expected of them, or what they had promised to deliver to a client, communication still matters. The clients feel satisfied that the company tried their best, and they were courteous enough to share their attempts, failures and successes.
Communication leads to higher levels of innovation in business. Businesses are composed of different people from different backgrounds based on differences in religious, economic and social backgrounds. The diversity of such kind of groups leads to the generation of ideas that are new and more efficient in comparison to ideas that are currently being used. The diverse ideas can then be brought together to bring together several of the best and most innovative ways that can be used to improve the current situation in a company; contributing to better efficiency. Communication in business settings leads to better adherence of rules by employees and other stakeholders which increase efficiency. When the employees and stakeholders play their part, a business can be able to concentrate its resources on expanding in terms of growth and market share. When there are well laid down rules, policies and guidelines, it is also easier for the management of the company to discipline their employees if they fail to adhere to set guidelines. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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White a Newspaper Article about How Communication Is Important in Research Paper.
“White a Newspaper Article about How Communication Is Important in Research Paper”, n.d.
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