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Ethical issues in organization communication - Assignment Example

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This process involving the sender and the receiver of the information should be explicit, precise and accurate for it to be effective. Its success depends on its clarity and…
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Ethical issues in organization communication
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"Ethical issues in organization communication"

Download file to see previous pages All the ethical issues and social responsibilities that come with communication must thus be given the attention they deserve in the communication structures of the company. Clients, consumers, and even various stakeholders would to an extent prefer to carry out businesses with such organizations deemed ethical in their operations (Seeger, Sellnow & Ulmer 2003). Two aspects are considered in dealing with the ethical communication issues in an organization: one that involves internal communication structures and the other that deals with external communication. Internal communication addresses internal audiences majorly the employees while external communication addresses the general public.
A case analysis can be done of the Apple’s Rotten Business, reported on the CNN website, updated on the 4th of April in 2014. The case reports various accounts of unethical practices involving among them business malpractices, tax dodging and surveillance for profit. With a large customer base and a dominant presence in the market, one would have expected the Apple firm to conduct its business in the most fair and open terms, as noted by the writer of the news story. This wasn’t the case as revealed by the assessment that was carried out by Nicki Lisa Cole. The malpractices within the company included:
Apple, unlike other tech companies in the industry, refused to disclose the sources of their tin which is normally used in soldering electronic devices. They were also involved in unlawful labor practices that extended into China. They employed underage students and subjected them to deplorable working conditions with unlivable wages. The company, according to Cole, acted too as a ‘personal shopper’ for its wares and products, creating apps that pushed sales offers and notifications to its online clients. Since the publication of its tax ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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