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Ethics in Organizations: The Responsibility Project - Movie Review Example

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Ethics in Organizations [University] [Instructor Name] Ethics in Organizations Ethics is about making right and wrong decisions through one’s moral values and rules. We communicate our moral values and beliefs to others through the way we act, behave and interact with others…
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Ethics in Organizations: The Responsibility Project
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Download file to see previous pages At times organizations are faced with tough decisions of rightness or wrongness of an act, and persons involve could have multiple and quite different views on the issue because ethics are embedded in the personal philosophy of a person’s life. At such times, ethical principles assist in making those decisions. Today organizations look out for the individuals with strong ethical values to promote the ethical culture within the work environment. With reference to the short film on Responsibility Project website, this paper attempts to describe an organization’s responsibility in setting out strong ethical values, how ethical principles can be helpful in addressing organizational issues, what role does external social pressure play in this respect and decisions having both ethical and legal implications and the relationship between the two. Ethics and the Organizational Responsibility In the modern business environment it’s very important for an organization to have a set of moral values and beliefs that are collectively recognized by all of its members & employees. This is not so easy there are individuals from different backgrounds, beliefs, ethical values and religious perspectives within an organization. ...
trategy policy – and communicate them to its members through, for example; ethical codes, mission statements, internal policies and rules, and public messages. The famous chef Lidia Bastianich is trying to make the same point in the short film on The Responsibility Project website; that besides the goal of profit making and success of her organization, she is very much concerned about the responsibility that, as an ethical leader, she has to all of the people who work for her and all the customers who come to her restaurant and watch her TV shows with the expectation of being served well. And these are the issues rthat are really important in the ethical context. External Social Pressures and the Ethics Ethics is our social responsibility as it teaches us to act and behave for the wellbeing of the society as a whole. These principles motivate us to be a lot more responsible than what we are now. Socially responsible organizations act in ethical ways through, for example, contributing to charities, properly recycling the waste, limiting the use of harmful and toxic materials, reducing pollution, equitable payments of salaries to the employees etc. In past and in the present many organizations have been neglecting the ethical codes and the policies that determine their social responsibility. Therefore external social pressures and implications have evolved in the form of trade unions and protest groups. These external pressures play an important role in influencing the organization’s social conduct by making it mandatory to fulfill certain requirements. Besides this, the government has the power to create rules and regulations for different industries on how businesses operate and compete with its rivals. These rules mean that every business has to conform to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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