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Neo-Liberal World Order And Economy Of The Developed World - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Global Political Economy, New World Order, and Globalization are a few concepts which have been incorporated into the political rhetoric. The paper "Neo-Liberal World Order And Economy Of The Developed World" discusses structures of these models and its practical application…
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Neo-Liberal World Order And Economy Of The Developed World
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Extract of sample "Neo-Liberal World Order And Economy Of The Developed World"

Download file to see previous pages  The neoliberal economic order has left a damaging effect on the developing states due to the flawed policy objectives of the model.  This neoliberal order lobbied around a few policy lines to be implemented at microeconomic as well as the macroeconomic level to be adopted by these developing states to help them achieve economic well being as well.  The main idea behind the propagation of the ideas behind neoliberal order was the free flow of capital across borders, including the free flow of services along with the goods, increasing market efficiency by monitoring and assistance via International Financial Institutions i.e. the IMF (International Monetary Fund).  The core execution body of these policies was the IFI`s functioning with the agenda of maintaining the status quo of the developed world.  This agenda received massive critique from the intellectual community lobbying for the rights of the developing world.  These IFI`s designed policies to ensure liberalization and massive privatization amongst these states receiving loans as part of the model.  These policies included reforms in the fiscal policies, restructuring subsidies, expanding tax base of economy, adopting market dictated interest rates, ensuring trade liberalization i.e. opening up markets for competitive imports and exports across the borders, Liberalization of rules for FDI (Foreign direct investments), deregulation reforms and also the rights for protection of property (Yovanovich 2003). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Neo-Liberal World Order And Economy Of The Developed World Admission/Application Essay.
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