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Introduction - Effects of indignisation policy on entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe - Essay Example

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Entrepreneurs are individuals who are involved in creating new business that contributes towards creation of jobs, intensifying competition and increasing productivity, thereby promoting the development of a country coupled with economic growth (Shrivastava & Shrivastava, 2013)…
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Introduction - Effects of indignisation policy on entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe
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Extract of sample "Introduction - Effects of indignisation policy on entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe"

Download file to see previous pages The governments across the world are recognising the importance of entrepreneurship for the growth and success of an economy. Nevertheless, various factors are determined to influence the growth and development of entrepreneurship within a nation. These influencing factors are generally bifurcated into two groups, which include external factors and internal factors. External factors such as labour market conditions, economic climate, legislations, infrastructure access to market and government policies are ascertained to have profound impact on the growth and development of entrepreneurship in the nations. On the other hand, internal factors such as motivational factors, funding, management capability, shortage of orders, marketing capacity and poor products and services among others lay considerable impact on entrepreneurship (Cooney, 2012). As far as women entrepreneurs in an economy are concerned, additional factors such as family obligations are also ascertained to have widespread impact on their growth and development (Das, 2001).
In the recent years, the recognition of the importance of the entrepreneurship in the economic growth and development by the government bodies across the world has been coupled with formulation and implementation of numerous policies (Minniti, 2008). With the view to promote the economic growth and development, the government across the world are emphasizing on articulating support policies for the entrepreneurship development. Many government bodies have been motivated to formulate broad policies to provide ideal environment as well as needed resources for the growth and development of the entrepreneurs. In the context, the government policy generally implies the course of action undertaken by the government or anticipated to be taken in the future with an objective of regulating and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Introduction - Effects of Indignisation Policy on Entrepreneurship in Essay.
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