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Ethical - Case Study Example

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The company is trying reduce its cost by changing the scheduling method of the work shifts of the employees to adopt the computerized system of scheduling (from Kronos) in…
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Ethical Case
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Download file to see previous pages They had a lot of duties as the duty needed a full day of effort. Taking into consideration the many stores in the chain of the company, then scheduling was a very expensive task to the company. By utilizing the computerized system of scheduling, the scheduling process will be conducted efficiently, and the store manager could utilize that devote time in running other businesses for the benefit of the company. Utilizing the system will enhance the company’s productivity and improve their customer satisfaction (Kampf, 2007). The management has gone ahead to site a 12 percent gain in productivity upon adoption of the computerized system of scheduling. The alerts from the system will also make the company make more money as workers will be cut back hours that they were on call and never attended the duty.
On the other hand, adoption of the system there will cause a disruption of the employees causing a decrease in their job stability creating a financial hardship for the company. The scheduling computerized scheduling process is unpredictable requiring the workers to be more flexible with their working hours. The system may ask the works to be on call and resume work in case of a rush or even go home during a low spell. This will result to irregular working hours and inconsistent pays making it difficult for the employees to organize their lives. The system will improve the customer service without considering the consequences that it will have on the lives of the workers. The company requests its associates to submit their personal availability forms as the system restricts the number of hours scheduled. The associates of the company are in a dilemma as some have expressed their concerns as the system is enabling the managers to pressure them to quitting their jobs. The labor rights of the workers are not being respected by the computerized scheduling system as their needs are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Ethical Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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