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Management Tools: SWOT and PEST on Google - Case Study Example

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The paper “Management Tools: SWOT and PEST on Google” looks at Google Inc., which deals with global technology. The company's aim is to connect people with information. Google is an exploration engine, which provides various services such as searching products, videos, books, phone numbers, and images…
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Management Tools: SWOT and PEST on Google
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Extract of sample "Management Tools: SWOT and PEST on Google"

Download file to see previous pages Open source services and products: The Company’s mission is to plan and come up with an organization of communication channels through the development of software by making it universally accessible and useful. Hence, almost all products of Google are in line with what the mission states. Let it be Google calendars, maps, drive or guidance on how to rank and enhance search index. Hence, through SWOT, Google management has ensured that the company’s Products are with devices such as mobile without charge. It has made the company to be leading in most of the services and products (Jureviciusl, 2013).
Customer experience and quality are the main objects. SWOT analysis has ensured that everything offered by Google Inc. management is of the best quality. Through SWOT, the management has achieved customer satisfaction of their Products aimed at solving needs for customers. The intention of products is to solve customer problems when they arise. Achieving it is through the provision of first-rate customer experience (Krantz, 2013).
Financial situation: The use of SWOT strategy by Google management has ranked the company to be among the top companies that are profitable in the world earning about $50 billion and $ 11 billion in profits. On the other hand, the Company receives $48 billion in cash and a debt of about $7 billion. As a result, it has enhanced the company’s financial strength (Google Inc., 2013). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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