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The author of the essay "Business Negotiations" comments on the intercultural communication. According to the text, one of the greatest challenges towards the success of international business remains the differences in culture that exist…
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Business Negotiations
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Download file to see previous pages In American English, there exists two communication maxims, all under the quantity umbrella, which requires that whenever one speaks, then the information relayed should as much information as possible, while on the other side; the information relayed should not exceed the required informative levels. The amount of information in a communication remains essential in every communication and as such, superfluous information need to be avoided during communication in ensuring that communication meets its intended purpose.
Considering the fact that maxims of conversation entail the unwritten rules of governance pertaining to how people speak to each other in some polite conversations, it is, therefore, a significant aspect that a maxim of communication acts in place of a command, directing the manner in which different people engaging in conversation carries out themselves. According to the Japanese culture, the maxims of conversation in Japanese discourse involve a number of aspects. Expression of feelings or emotions is critical to every human. In business, either a loss or profit is expected for any transaction done. Whenever either happens, it is expected that an individual expresses the feeling through emotions.
As a contributory aspect of the diverse nature of societies and cultures, verbal behavior of the American team and that of the Japanese seem to have significantly different aspects with a realization that indeed the generalizations put in such societies are indeed very wrong. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Business Negotiations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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