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There are various themes that are presented in this show, some are appropriate while some are no appropriate for our age group. There are some offensive themes that are…
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Journal week 3
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Business Journal Week 3 Business Journal Week 3 Shake it Up which is an American television series that features on Disney channel which is teens station. There are various themes that are presented in this show, some are appropriate while some are no appropriate for our age group. There are some offensive themes that are presented in the TV show that would not please most of our parents if we acquired them. Other themes that are pronounced in the show such as friendship, talent, social status, education and many more can be an epitome of what we go through as we develop.
One of the major themes that can be fascinating to any parent is the theme of education. This theme is greatly developed by Rocky who is CeCe’s friend. Education is an important aspect as much as development and growth are concerned. The company of CeCe is not worth as much as education is concerned, and at times she is tempted to follow the ways of her friend. Learning occurs through social learning, operant conditioning and classical conditioning. As parent I would be concerned if my child learned what CeCe does, this type of learning is likely to occur through social learning where observed behavior becomes copied behavior. On the contrary if a child learned from the character of Rocky it will be beneficial for the development of the child even in terms of Christianity.
Theme of talent is also outspoken in this TV show, it is a very common phenomenon among the youths. From a biblical point of view it would be prudent if a talent was used to serve God rather than use the talent for other purposes. The talent is not used for the purpose of serving God and I would therefore not recommend my child to watch the show as it might have a negative influence. Though there can be some themes that are not appropriate in the show, other themes are very fundamental for the development of a teenager and I would not deter my child from watching the show.
Having read one of the best American adolescent magazine called teen vogue I can concur that are some themes that portrayed in the magazine that are good for development of a child in aspects such as spiritual, emotional and physical. Though there are some themes that are no appropriate for the growth and development of a child due to the fact the child the child can assimilate some nasty behavior from the magazine.
Celebrity is a theme that orchestrated in the magazine, this are very influential persons to the teens. Some of the celebrities are role models to particular teenagers and for this reason if a celebrity does a stupid act, a teen can try to emulate that act thinking it is ‘cool.’ Apart from that there are many positive themes that will be crucial in the growth and development of an adolescent. These themes include school, careers, friendship, relationship, family, health and giving back. A theme like giving back reflects biblical worldview in all dimensions and this can help the child grow spiritually. It is therefore important for a child to read this magazine as a stimulus to his/her positive growth and development.
Berger, K. S. (2012). The Developing person through the life span (8th ed.). New York: Worth Publishing. ISBN 978-1-429-23203-6 Read More
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Journal Week 3 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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