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Through evaluation of team performance, it becomes possible to evaluate the leadership performance. Leadership performance is a way of managing and leading the team to success…
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Team Evaluation Tool
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Team Evaluation Tool Team Evaluation Tool In order to determine and improve the performance of a team, assessment tools should be put in place. Through evaluation of team performance, it becomes possible to evaluate the leadership performance. Leadership performance is a way of managing and leading the team to success and better performance (Barksdale, Lund, et al. 2001). Research indicates that leading by example is one of the most successful ways of leading a team. It helps to show exceptional leadership skills and performance to the team member. Moreover, being an example to other may influence the team members to emulate the leader hence ensuring high quality team performance (Blankenship, 2009).
Various tools can be used to help in achieving quality based team performance. One of the tools that prove to be more useful is brainstorming. Every team has both strengths and weaknesses, which highly influence the direction of the organization. Brainstorming in the team will help identify strengths and areas that need improvement (Glasman, 1986). Brainstorming helps to come up with proper suggestions on better ways for improving team performance. In connection to the above, brainstorming improves leadership performance, as a leader will identify the areas that need more concentration. When the deficiencies have been identified, then the team and the manager will proceed in implementing them hence quality and strong leadership and team performance (Parry, 1997).
Performance appraisal is another useful tool that can be utilized to help in evaluating the team as well as the leadership performance. The performance evaluation allows both the management and the individual team players identify their strengths and weaknesses. The method gives space for better and quality team performance and leadership performance (Narayan-Parker, 1993).
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Team Evaluation Tool Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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