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The Effectiveness of the Green Building Evaluation - Assignment Example

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The paper under evaluation “The Effectiveness of the Green Building Evaluation” is the effectiveness of the green building evaluation and labeling system. Environmental conservation is a major concern amid global society. The construction industry impacts negatively on the environment…
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The Effectiveness of the Green Building Evaluation
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Extract of sample "The Effectiveness of the Green Building Evaluation"

Download file to see previous pages Some positive feedback indicates that GABLES helped in power conservation, improvement of project life cycle and promotion of green building. In light of these, this research work evaluated GABLES by examining its effectiveness, implementation, application, scope, current practice as well as revealing its merits and demerits for the purposes of recommending on the methods of improving it and using it internationally.  (Chinese architecture and building center, 2007; Lin et al, 2006 and Vivian, 2007)some positive feedback indicates that GABLES helped in power conservation, improvement of project life cycle and promotion of green building. In light of these, this research work evaluated GABLES by examining its effectiveness, implementation, application, scope, current practice as well as revealing its merits and demerits for the purposes of recommending on the methods of improving it and using it internationally.  (Chinese architecture and building center, 2007; Lin et al, 2006 and Vivian, 2007)
Section 3 (part A)1) What is the primary objective of this research? The main aim of the research work was to evaluate and analyze the effectiveness and implementation of GABLES the terms of its applicability, suitability as compared to other environmental assessment tools, its merits, and limitations as well as its applicability on an international level. 
2) What kind of Research method is used? The researcher used the following research methodology tools; Primary data collection through administering of a questionnaire and conducting structured interviews Comparative analysis: comparing GABLES and other environmental assessment tools. 
Secondly, the questionnaires were distributed to 200 people who included architects, consultants, interior designers, and developers. Lastly, the author conducted ten interviews with members selected from the construction supply chain so as to gather more information 
After collecting the data, the selection was done to discard wrongly filled questionnaires. For the comparative analysis, the author compared GABLES with BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method), HK-BEAM (Hong Kong Building Environmental Assessment Method) and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) (CET, 1999).4) How can the author present the results? The author tabulated the results to enable easier evaluation and analysis of the results. The factors were ranked based on an index, that is,  Where W was the weight given by each factor by the respondent {1(least important)-5(most important)}, A was the highest weight, N was the total number of the sample and was the relative importance index. 
5) Why does the author use that way to present the results? 
6) Why does the author use that method to gain data Administering of questionnaire provides for an adequate means of collecting primary/first-hand information about any given phenomena. The researcher is interested in collecting the views/attitudes of the people in the construction supply chain about GABLES, the most feasible method is to ask them questions or interview them. Interviews and questionnaires are vital primary data collection techniques and furnish the researcher with accurate data about the phenomena or study in question. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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