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Whole food store just like other chain stores in the nation have experienced its own share of problems in the marketing, production and even financial sector. It has however managed to tackle all their problems but one problem has remained important to date and this is in the…
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Whole food study case
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Whole food study case Whole food store just like other chain stores in the nation have experienced its own share of problems in the marketing, production and even financial sector. It has however managed to tackle all their problems but one problem has remained important to date and this is in the finance area. The finances of the company may seem to be okay from the fact that they are making hundreds of millions in profit but they still have problems.
The company experienced tough financial times in 2008 and 2009 due to the depression and acquisition of wild oats. Even though it recovered and has started increasing its profits from an average of $300 million to $500 million, it has yet to clear its debts of over $700 million which were accumulated during the period mentioned above. There are several ways to solve this problem and ensure that even if the economy plunges again, they will have no debts accumulating on top of what they have now.
The first way is to dispose of some of their assets which are not helping them much through selling them. This is bound to bring in a bit of money to offset the debt. The other way is to increase the number of shares to the public and this will raise money. It can also increase gradually the prices of their commodities especially now that people like the natural and organic products they sell. Even if the money will not repay all the debt, it will at least offset a large sum of money and the rest can be paid off slowly through the proceeds from the company.
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