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The entrepreneur completed its initial education from the Brad school. Before 2012 the entrepreneur worked as the software engineer in a financial services company for more than…
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Summarize and Analyze your Entrepreneur Interview
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Download file to see previous pages Amrita belongs to Indian origin. Her father and mother are Indian. Family back ground of the interviewee is very simple and she belongs to a simple Indian family which has migrated from India to USA. The interviewee is also a UX Research associate in User experience centre of Bentley University. Amrita is significantly passionate towards the various extra curriculum activities like playing Cricket, Tennis and reading books and travelling. She is extremely passionate about the lean start up methodology and she has managed it well enough. She is a graduate of Women’s leadership organization. The interviewer has identified her with the help of LinkedIn. All the above information is indicating that background of the entrepreneur is very much simple and she had to start her business from the scratch. But the interviewee has suitable educational background and working experience to come up with new business.
Opportunity identification is a fundamental requirement for any entrepreneur. Amrita was travelling from India to USA. She was travelling to attend her high school reunion in USA. She was properly dressed up and she had her dresses in her bags also. But during that trip to reunion party she was missing shoes. She was thinking to borrow it from someone. But unfortunately she had to spend her money to purchase new shoes. At that point of time shoes were not at all required for the interviewee. But as there was no other choice to her, she had to buy it. So opportunity identification was significantly real-time and practical in nature. In this case, situation guided Amrita towards the opportunity. Opportunity identification was very much specific in nature and it helped the interviewee to come up with a successful idea. Here in this case also the interviewee identified the opportunity suitably. Here in this case one thing is crystal clear that opportunities are everywhere. But proper ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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