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The stories surrounding the Ebola virus were mostly in the African continent mainly West Africa (First diagnosis of Ebola in the US, 2014). Before all…
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Health Policy Assignment 2
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US Ebola Case US Ebola Case When word broke that a patient had died of Ebola related complications at a Texas hospital, there was panic among the public. The stories surrounding the Ebola virus were mostly in the African continent mainly West Africa (First diagnosis of Ebola in the US, 2014). Before all these happened, the government and the center for disease control had assured us the American public that the appropriate authorities were doing all that they could to safeguard our safety. Therefore, when the news spread that a person who had travelled from West Africa had suddenly contracted the deadly virus, it caused quite a scare among the public especially the residents of Texas. We the American public feel that the authorities have not done enough to educate us on the virus. For example, ways in which the virus is transmitted and how to prevent it from spreading.
Although all these happened, we must commend the authorities how they have handled the first two Ebola cases. When the first person showed the signs of the disease, they were quick to isolate the patient and check on everybody who was thought to have stumble upon him. It is a shame that one of the nurses who was attending to the patient contracted the disease. After the second patient was quarantined questions as to the United States preparedness as concerning, this epidemic was concerned came up. It was mostly because Thomas Eric Duncan did not exhibit any signs and symptoms of the infection prior to landing in the United States. The biggest scare came when it was reported that the nurse (Amber Vinson) who was supposed to be under quarantine was spotted walking around town instead of the hospital. This action made many people angry since it proved what many citizens believe that little is being done to combat the disease that has claimed thousands of people (CDC, 2014). The blame rests solely on the relevant authorities, which include the airlines, the government and the center for disease control.
If I were to implement policies that would enable the control of Ebola, firstly i would ensure that all the airlines screen all passengers who come from the Ebola prone regions (CDC, 2014). I would make sure that the affected gain the assistance they require and are quarantined in order to regulate the contact between the infected and the uninfected. I would also organize educational forums whereby experts teach us on how best to avoid the virus. I would establish a private ward/ wing in all hospitals to accommodate any Ebola patients. It would also show some of the ignorant public who think that Ebola is a disease for third world countries that it is a global epidemic and if left unchecked, there would be an enormous loss of life.
I would make sure that all the medical personnel are equipped with the necessary knowledge as concerning the virus. So that we prevent another medical officer be it a nurse, surgeon or a fellow patient from contracting this deadly virus.
Ebola is a deadly disease, and prevention goes a long way in avoiding contraction. Thomas Eric Duncan later died a few days ago, was cremated since when a person dies the virus does not, and can transfer from one person to another.
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