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The use of communication acts as a medium through which the person presenting connects with the audience. The second result comes to being whereby challenges may lead to the concise demonstration ability…
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Integrated Business and Management Assessment portfolio of Integrated Corporate and Executive Assessment portfolio Challenges in the collection of evidence
The first outcome enumerates the practical use of skills of communication. The use of communication acts as a medium through which the person presenting connects with the audience. The second result comes to being whereby challenges may lead to the concise demonstration ability in a particular subject. Therefore, proficiency is mandatory in the rules that guide a particular field of study during presentation. A third issue that may prove as cumbersome is the excellent event of a clear introduction in the presentation (Cooper J., 2006).
Possible learning statements for the outcomes
For the accomplishment of good communication skills, some of the statements encompass the proper use of the English language whilst presenting the academic work. The language should articulate the proper presentation of the topics of management as well as business. In addition, there is the requirement of comprehending the perspective of the audience towards the presentation.
For the introductory segment, there is the need of recognizing the right information that enables to locate the information that is pertinent. The fact requires the use of language that is appropriate for the learning statements of the audience.
In the determination of proficiency, the statements that arise include the knowledge of the different aspects of the business matter and the consequent application of the same to the topic at hand. Moreover, there is a need critically to assess the sources that are new that may lead to bias and other errors.
Cooper J., P. F. (2006). Integrated assessment and management of public resources. Cheltenham,UK: Edward Elgar. Read More
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Read Instructions Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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