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Achievement of this goal is through behavioral changes, adapting operations to the modern standards as well as adapting fresh…
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Project goals, scope, limitations and conclusion
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Download file to see previous pages Customer desires and preferences keep on changing with stiff competition due to new players who are entering the industry every time.
There are government policies and regulations regarding the sell and distribution of chemicals in the respective countries that may slow down the expansion of the project. Rigorous environmental conditions in many countries are increasing both the cost and speedy development and distribution of new improved chemicals in the market. In many cases, obtaining the license for the supply of a new product is difficult.
There is a serious challenge in supplying low volumes of products with diverse customer requirements in the market. Mostly, it is necessary to make delivery ranging from mass wagonloads to periodical shipment of a few barrels.
The most important factor that requires more consideration in the success of the business is the efficiency in the supply and distribution of the products. The management must demonstrate and prove to customers that of all the various suppliers and distributors in the industry they are the best and need credit and honor. This therefore means coming up with better techniques in order to uniquely define the mode of service delivery, which will help create a difference between the business and other players. Efficient service delivery will also help in building customer loyalty as well as attracting new others when they notice the benefits of choosing the organization as their supplier. To achieve high efficiency the most important area that require attention is the delivery schedule. The organization must be able to supply the right product, at the right place and within the stipulated time without delay. Delays will interfere with the customer’s working schedule and this will cultivate negative feelings about the reliability of the firm in supplying the products. Another area is safety of all the parties involved ranging from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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