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You have elucidated systematically the manner in which USTA did its research to enable the organization to change the existed elitist perception (Zikmund, 2003). It was also important that the organization involved players,…
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Comments and questions from classmates on USTA case study questions
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Case study management hierarchy Dear Clarisa, Your management research hierarchy is great and clear. You have eluci d systematically the manner in which USTA did its research to enable the organization to change the existed elitist perception (Zikmund, 2003). It was also important that the organization involved players, non-players and the population with diverse civilization in its research with pursuit of obtaining vivacious information rather than concentrating on one group. So, do you support that any other organization undertaking its research should emulate USTA research hierarchy?
Dear Elizabeth,
I appreciate your enquiry. I build a six step research question in trying to elucidate how USTA approached its management dilemma question to enable the organization come up with a long lasting management decision. Step 2 was to clarify how USTA aimed at expanding itself by persuading more people with divers civilization, masculinity/gender and wealth level to enable the organization acquire vivacious information towards the diversifying multicultural population (Johnson & Clark, 2006). USTA required essential data by involving diverse demographical information to enable the organization design a measurement question of what the household income for male and female who played tennis was in the last 12 months.
Dear clarisa,
Thank you for your concern. I used intuition to replace perception as the two words are tantamount, but I came to realize that “perception” work best than “intuition”. Thank you for clarification.
Dear Elizabeth,
Your research question hierarchy is impressive. The research USTA undertook was to enable it expand by reaching a more diversified populace hence changing the existed elitist typecast. Therefore, do you support this type of research to be adopted as a universal way of conducting business research?
Case study #2; measurement scale
Hello Elizabeth,
Evidently, nominal data cannot be tabulated in a mathematical way. I would like to pinpoint that USTA used a large sample size, which led to a greater depiction of the population and reduced standard error but at a greater cost. Moreover, the closed questionnaire structure was intentionally meant to reduce inconsistency in the results, and this enabled the company to obtain a less scattered data (Anderson & Whitcomb, 2001).
Dear clarisa,
Thanks for your participation. However, I am still not contented with your choice of the measurement scale. From the USTA case study, predominant parameters included social stratification, demographic assessment and people’s participation in tennis. Axiomatically, these factors can best be ascertained by use of nominal scale since the cardinal scale only ranks data in order of magnitude but does not indicate the comparative degree of difference between them (My Research Methods, 2012). However, I would appreciate if you offer illustrations of how the ordinal scale was used in the case study.
Hello Clarisa,
Your illustration of the survey structure is impressive and connotes the extensive research you conducted. You highlighted that Likert scales to measure attitudinal and behavioral agreement, frequency, importance, and likelihood. Probably how did this affect the results of the research?
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