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New Practice Field - General Description to Bidders - Assignment Example

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This paper "New Practice Field - General Description to Bidders" focuses on the Maryland Baseball Association which is seeking competitive proposals for a construction of a new practice field for baseball. The activities of the new baseball field involve the construction of a practice field.  …
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New Practice Field - General Description to Bidders
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Download file to see previous pages The primary requirements to be incorporated into the design of the new practice field will include baseball playing field and parking facility that would hold about 50 cars and a small clubhouse.
The proposal should be arranged simply and efficiently, specifying the brief description of the bidder’s capacity to conform to the requirements of the RFP. Proposals are required to be typewritten and no deletions are acceptable. Bidders are also required to submit information in strict compliance with this RFP or shall otherwise be disqualified. In addition, specific conceptual design and complete engineering and construction drawings that will act as the origin for both bidding and construction of the baseball practice field by the general contractor shall be provided (Porter-Roth, 2006).
The selected bidders shall begin working on this project within the 10 days of a Notice to Proceed and conclude the project through approving and finalization of construction bid forms by no later than December 27, 2014. The Notice to Proceed is expected to be commenced on or near February 1, 2015, and the project is to be markedly completed by March 2017.
The project site is located in Sothern Maryland. The land is relatively flat and it has only a few uneven structures (barns) and trees on it. Linking with existing water and sewer system would pose no major technical problems. The site selected for the proposed baseball playing field is approximately 20 acres.
A pre-bid meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 25, 2014, at the project site commencing at 2.00 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). As a component of the meeting, a site visit will be arranged for the advantage of the bidders. At least one top-level executive of each bidder is anticipated to be present at this meeting and for the site inspection but is not obligatory. Single bidders can send not more than three representatives to the meeting and for the site inspection. The purpose of the pre-bid meeting will be to explain and clarify any matters in relation to the RFP.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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New Practice Field - General Description to Bidders Assignment.
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