Case 2.2 Gucci America, Inc. V. Wang Huoqing - Assignment Example

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This research is being carried out to evaluate and present the case of Gucci America, Inc. versus Wang Huoqing. Both the parties in the case are in the clothing industry. The parties are retail, whole sale and online clothing stores…
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Case 2.2 Gucci America, Inc. V. Wang Huoqing
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Gucci America, Inc. V. Wang Huoqing Both the parties in the case are in the clothing industry. The parties are retail, whole sale and online clothing stores. Prior to the case, the stores had significant market share and support. However, Gucci America had a greater market share. Its products had trademarks that were globally recognized. For this reason, its products were highly recognized and its trademark valuable. For this reason, Wang Huoqing created products that resembled products from Gucci.
The main dispute was caused by infringement of trademark rules (Gucci America, Inc. V. Wang Huoqing). This is because Wang Huoqing used the Gucci trademark for its products. Upon realization Gucci America filed a case aimed at challenging the legality of the trademark on products used by Wang Huoqing. The legal question raised may be valid. Upon registration, Gucci America was provided with the right to regulate the use of its trademark. The defendant breached this legal agreement by using the trademark without the authorization on the plaintiff (Gucci America, Inc. V. Wang Huoqing).
The decision by the courts is that Wang Huoqing did not adhere to the trademark requirements. In addition, the courts reached to the decision that the dependent was liable to pay compensation to the plaintiff. In addition, the questions raised by the plaintiff on the harm made on the Gucci America brand were sustained. The argument prior to the decision is that Gucci America was the first organization to be provided with the right on the Gucci Trademark. Another organization may use the trademark after an agreement with the parent company.
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Gucci America, Inc. V. Wang Huoqing. T-G09-5969W.California Northern District Court. 21 Dec. 2009. n.d. Web. 8 Sep. 2014. Read More
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