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Business plan for mobile convenience store - Coursework Example

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Mobile Baqala is a convenient retail store that provides merchandising business to retailers within their proximity without having to travel long distances or attend physical markets to gain access to goods and services. The business will operate as the first mobile store within…
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Business plan for mobile convenience store
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Download file to see previous pages However, due to its projected expansive nature, the business will cover regions such as Al Falah, Al Shamkha and Yas. The business will be expected to expand outside Abu Dhabi Emirate in future catering to embrace domestic customers.
Mobile Baqala is a convenient retail store that provides merchandising business to retailers at convenience location without been required to go for long distances to find physical markets for goods and services that they need. The business is mainly designed to stock a variety of consumable items such as soft drinks eggs and milk amongst other products that are used by customers on a daily basis. It has been pointed out that most families experience difficulties in accessing basic commodities especially in areas such as Al shamka thus the need for such kind of a business. Apparently, majority of societal members have had problems in making their daily purchases of consumable items especially around Al Falah, Al Shamkha and Yas. As such, the population has agreed that such areas are of high suitability for the store and more perfect to stock a variety of both local and imported produce.
Mobile Bagala is meant to operate as mobile store within the United Arab Emirates and some parts of Abu Dhabi as a grocery revolutionary storey that moves like a mobile unit in different locations. The business is planned to be unique in nature with effective and efficient design serving both local population and visitors. Having embraced a strategy to serve customers around the clock, the business is projected to achieve its objective as the future leading grocer in the United Arab Emirates serving the Arab population with a consistent supply of daily consumables. Besides, the business is designed with an initiative that would ensure consistency in supply of products to customers while creating job openings around its trading zones. Having engaged the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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