Taking a business idea of your own. Conduct an Osterwalder style business model analysis of that idea. Generate a preferred busi - Essay Example

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Table of Contents Introduction 2 Infrastructure 3 Partner Network 3 Core Capabilities 4 Value Configuration 5 Offer 7 Value proposition 7 Customers 8 Target customers and customer relationship 8 Finance 9 Finance 9 Revenue 11 Conclusion 12 References 14 Introduction It is rational before starting any business or operations to evaluate the idea and judge that the business would offer…
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Taking a business idea of your own. Conduct an Osterwalder style business model analysis of that idea. Generate a preferred busi
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Download file to see previous pages Business plans discuss every aspect from marketing to investment, from target market to production/ services, from human resource to workforce that would be required to be employed by the organization. It is not only the small businesses or medium sized organizations that would require the business plans in order to minimize the risk for them. Larger organizations even multinational organizations are seen often designing and working on marketing or business plans before starting every new project or business. The most important role that the business plans play for the MNEs is that in this era of globalization they are always focusing on expansion and growth into new markets with potential. Thus before entering the market, starting operations and making any kind of investment a business plan is designed that would give complete required details that would be necessary for making the decisions. Business plans often make it much easier for the organization’s management to make decisions that are optimum and rational as they are making decision on the basis of researched material that is authentic and allows them to evaluate the idea completely however unforeseen circumstances are an exception. In today’s corporate world competition has increased many folds continuous development and innovation have become requirement in order to sustain in the market. Therefore it is not the liquid assets of the company, Non-current assets, finance or capital available that would ensure the competitive advantage of the business or the organization. it is the intellectual capital that would gain the success in the market thus business plans or market plans even if not eventually used for making their desired decision present an asset and research material that would serve for the purpose of the organization and its management anytime. Different business models have been presented that can be used for designing the business plans. For our current business plan for which the business idea of “Food Cart Services” have been chosen (Sommer, 2012). . In order to evaluate the idea through a business plan Osterwalder style business model analysis would be used that presents an in depth information (Osterwalder et al2010). It provides a structure for proper documentation and texting of the business ideas whether for the development of new or documentation of existing. The business idea that has been chosen is vast thus osterwalder business model doesn’t allow the information to lose focus thus there is not any unnecessary explanation or information presented in the model (Verstraete & Jouison-Laffitte, 2011). Business model provides a proper structure thus serves a purpose of strategic management for the business or organization. Below the report presents complete business plan of the “Food Cart Services” following the structure given under Osterwalder Business model: Infrastructure The initial decision of any business operation is regarding its infrastructure. It implies that what would be the resources required, personnel required, public relations or the contacts would be necessary for running the operations for example existing suppliers in the market, raw material and other production equipment providers. Besides this business relations infrastructure also determines the capabilities and set of skills that would be necessary ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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