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In regards to this, Harrison highlights that decision making is synonymous to efficient organizational management. On the contrary,…
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Identify business decision
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DECISION MAKING Generally, a manager’s responsibility in an organization is influenced by organizations size, terms of reference of the job and hierarchy level. In regards to this, Harrison highlights that decision making is synonymous to efficient organizational management. On the contrary, Drucker argues that decision making is only an aspect of management. He adds that decision making depends on each person’s task and nature of work. Therefore, a worker is bound to make clear decisions at a particular time during their job (Piccirillo & Noro, 2008). As a manager of account receivable, I am tasked to make decisions to write off the debts based on the company policy and procedure.
At some point these decisions are long term and strategic. In that, writing off debts give the company a competitive advantage in the market. However, it is risky to make such decisions because it affects the revenue of the organization, also it can trigger many conflicts with other departments, particularly the marketing section. In addition, it affects monetary statement by understating a company’s profits. This is a very critical issue for comprehensive auditing and top management and therefore, require many consents from different directors based on approval limits (Piccirillo & Noro, 2008). Furthermore, the strategic nature of the decision require a lot of efforts and determination to collect these debts from customers.
Notwithstanding, the importance of the decision require that action should be taken sooner or later since these debts are outstanding from long time, and after taking all necessary action with customers, and sending there documents to court without any hope to receive these amounts. This decision is justified under structure procedure as per the write of policy which came under many steps and legal reviews.
Piccirillo, E. and Noro, M. G. (2008), “Guidebook for supporting decision making under uncertainties todays managers, tomorrows business”. Hackensack, NJ: World Scientific. Read More
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Identify Business Decision Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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