The Quality of the Relationship Between the Leader and the Subordinates - Assignment Example

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This paper focuses on the relationship between leaders and subordinates. They are based on the leader-member exchange model. To start with, the relationship between the two parties is two way. The relationship between the leader and the subordinates should be viewed on a case to case basis…
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The Quality of the Relationship Between the Leader and the Subordinates
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Subordinates that belong to out-groups are judged on the stipulations of their employment contracts. These are the major dynamics of this relationship. Subordinates that belong to out-groups are judged on the stipulations of their employment contracts. These are the major dynamics of this relationship.  There is an important question on the relationship between subordinates and leaders that seeks to investigate the more significant party. Most of the arguments on this relationship conclude that followers are more important (Kellerman, 2007). This is based on the argument that leaders emerge out of the subordinates. These are individuals that show outstanding commitment and charisma and are changed to become leaders (Kellerman, 2007). Secondly, the best leaders are not afraid to teach subordinates how to follow the established regulates. Finally, it is impossible to emulate a leader that does not have any followers.  Read More
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